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This case study details the complex migration of an 8-year-old London Stock Exchange website to a new, modern platform. The project, initiated in July 2020, involved transitioning from outdated technology to a new site structure with tens of thousands of URL changes. This migration was not merely a technical update but a strategic overhaul designed to enhance user experience and improve site performance.

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Project Success Metrics

  • Traffic Retention: The goal was to retain at least 90% of pre-migration traffic.
  • Keyword Rankings: Maintain at least 90% of existing keyword rankings.
  • Indexation: Ensure full indexation of the new site's content.
  • Crawl Errors: Monitor and address crawl errors promptly.
  • Organic CTR and Conversion Rates: Track and optimize post-migration to maintain user engagement and conversion levels.

Planning and Strategy

Orchid Box undertook a meticulous planning process to ensure a smooth transition. This included comprehensive data analysis and strategic foresight to maintain SEO integrity and site functionality.

Technical Execution

The execution involved technical teams from Milan and London, coordinated across three different companies. Orchid Box spearheaded the SEO aspects, ensuring that the new site structure and URLs were optimized for search engines.

Data Analysis

A critical part of the migration involved analyzing 3TB of server logs to identify user behavior and search engine interactions with the old site. This data-driven approach helped in making informed decisions for the new platform.

Stakeholder Collaboration

Throughout the project, Orchid Box worked closely with multiple stakeholders, including technical teams and company executives. Their collaborative approach was pivotal in aligning the project with the broader business objectives of the London Stock Exchange.

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The SEO migration was exceptionally successful. Despite the complexity and scale of the project, there was no drop in traffic post-migration. Instead, the London Stock Exchange experienced a remarkable 30% increase in traffic within the first 6 months, culminating in a 300% growth within two years, as measured by SEMrush.

The traffic growth not only exemplifies successful SEO migration management, but also highlights the effectiveness of the strategic planning and execution by out team.

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