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Case Study

Tide banking

Tide, a challenger bank, offers small business owners the convenience of setting up a banking account complete with a UK sort code and Mastercard in less than five minutes. Their service model, similar to Monzo, simplifies bookkeeping by automatically categorising transactions.
Orchid Box was tasked with enhancing Tide's digital presence and customer acquisition through strategic marketing and technological innovations.

Marketing Strategy

PPC Campaigns

Orchid Box managed comprehensive pay-per-click campaigns across Google AdWords, Facebook, and LinkedIn. This involved continuous optimisation of ad placements and bidding strategies to maximise reach and engagement within budget constraints.

Landing Page Optimisation

Bespoke landing pages were created to cater to targeted demographics, designed to convert visitors into users efficiently. The landing pages were optimised for high conversion rates, with A/B testing to continually improve the results.

Website Management

From the initial launch, Orchid Box took charge of the complete management of Tide’s website, ensuring it was aligned with the overall brand message and optimised for user experience and SEO.

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Lead Generation

Understanding the diverse needs of their audience, Orchid Box implemented adaptive messaging strategies. This approach tailored the communication based on where potential customers were in the sales funnel, their behavioural data, and psychographic profiles, optimising engagement across various digital channels.

Orchid Box designed and implemented a sophisticated multi-platform tracking solution after testing five different options. This system successfully tracked and attributed mobile installs to the respective channels, providing granular demographic data on the installs. This technology was pivotal in measuring campaign effectiveness and further refining marketing strategies.


The targeted and technologically aided strategies brought significant downscaling in the cost per acquisition (CPA), reducing it from £98 to £12.06 for some search campaigns. Moreover, these strategies were instrumental in driving the first 100,000 customers to the platform, marking a milestone in Tide’s growth and establishing its foothold in the competitive market of digital banking.

Orchid Box’s strategic approach combined with innovative technology proved highly effective in scaling Tide’s customer base and reducing acquisition costs. Their adaptive and data-driven marketing strategies not only enhanced Tide's digital presence but also established a solid foundation for future growth initiatives.

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